Andrey Tarkovsky / Edward Artemiev - Solaris: Sound And Vision Box Set


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Label: Song Cycle

Limited to 500 numbered copies worldwide.

Solaris: Sound And Vision is a collector's edition box set that includes Edward Artemiev's soundtrack to Andrey Tarkovsky's 1972 masterpiece Solaris in both LP and CD formats as well as a 96-page book of previously unreleased images from the movie set and a Blu-ray Disc of the film in its original Russian (with English subtitles).

The collaboration between Tarkovsky and Artemiev started with Solaris and would extend to two more films, Mirror and Stalker. The director was seeking a film score capable of completing, through sound, the meaningful images of his film. Artemiev was a member of the legendary Experimental Studio of Electronic Music in Moscow, a place of high experimentation in the field of the electronic music, in the context of which the ANS synthesizer was conceived and employed for the first time for music composition. Invented by Soviet engineer Evgeny Murzin, the ANS was used by Artemiev to create the special sound atmosphere that Tarkovsky was looking for.

Made in collaboration with the Andrey Tarkovsky Institute.