Anne Gillis - Vhoysee LP


Label: Art Into Life

The first Manon Anne Gillis release was a single-sided mini-album titled Angebiguë, which was Manon’s self-release in 1983. Angebiguë was 6-track mini-album in a cold-minimal-synth vein, and any track from it were not included in her retrospective 5CD Box Archives Box 1983-2005, which Art Into Life released in 2015. Angebiguë was privately released in tiny edition for her friends only and has been a highly sought-after item among collectors.

Vhoysee is Manon’s long-awaited new album, and the album collects her latest six pieces and four re-worked / re-mixed tracks from Angebiguë. The latest six pieces are physical subject-based composition with minimum elements, whereas re-worked / re-mixed tracks from Angebiguë are simple rhythm-oriented pieces with her glacial sound texture. In Vhoysee, the past and present are interwoven and linked together in a kind of labyrinth.

The album was mastered by Jos Smolders, and comes with DL code that has all tracks.