Annelies Monsere - Mares LP


Sold Out

Label: Horn Of Plenty

Essential repress of this great LP of experimental Belgian folk music. Original pressing sold out within weeks and was listed at number 10 in the Quietus' best albums of the year so far. A remarkable body of experimental compositions that taps the deep well of raw, emotive expression rumbling below numerous traditions of European folk music. As a member of Ghent's experimental music scene, over the past two decades Annelies Monseré has slowly refined a singular approach to musicality, moving from the sparse, instrumental piano works from that defined her early career, toward increasingly complex arrangements of instrumentation that offer a central place to her own voice, issued by noteworthy imprints such as Morc Tapes, Stroom, and three:four. Monseré's solo efforts establish a strikingly beautiful and remarkably unique territory that elegantly balances between rigorous experimentalism, minimalism, drone, and folk. Recorded between 2016 and 2022, Mares' is a deep body of sonority that draws upon the fundamental human need to express and commune through sound, projecting this ancient need into forward-thinking forms without sacrificing its roots. Profoundly beautiful, elegant, and poetic, these eight tracks offer immersion into a singular creative voice.