Anode/Cathode - Punkanachrock 2x7"


Label: Anode/Cathode

Limited edition 2x7" edition of a wildly experimental and unique gem from 1981 (originally released in an edited single 7" form on Japan's Pinakotheca).

Spread over two records packaged in a bubble wrap outer sleeve - the set features unreleased full length takes and unheard material from the band's master cassettes. All transferred and mastered with the blessing of the original musicians.

The record features heavy involvement from Morioka based musician, Onnyk (key member of the near mythical The Fifth Column group) an underground behemoth who's music has appeared on seminal labels such as Vanity Records (JP), Insane Music (BE), Thirdmind (UK) and Omega Point (JP) to name a few.