Aphex Twin - Digeridoo (Expanded Edition) 2x12"


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Label: R&S

"It's just too easy to make a standard dance track," Aphex Twin said of his mindset back in 1992. "You've got to put a bit of thought into it to get something a bit different."

Digeridoo was released on the Belgian R&S Records label in 1992, and originally peaked at #55 in the UK singles chart in May of that year. Over the last 32 years the track has become one of the essential Aphex Twin tracks in a gargantuan catalogue that continues to amaze and inspire.

"I wanted to have some tracks to play to finish the raves I used to play in Cornwall, to really kill everybody off so they couldn't dance," Richard D James told Select magazine back in the '90s. "Digeridoo came out of that."

Released as a 4 track EP that also included early Aphex productions (now classics) including the industrial, acidic clang of "Flap Head" and hyperbolic futurism of "Isopropanol," the release cemented a relationship with the R&S label that went on to release the Xylem Tube EP and the pivotal album Selected Ambient Works 85-92 in the same year. The label's owner and A&R Renaat Vandepapeliere reflected "When I first heard Aphex Twin's music I said, 'This is it!' and everybody else said, 'You're crazy!' ... a lot of the hardcore R&S fans dropped us. To them, it wasn't music."

Digeridoo (Expanded Edition) is the first time the EP has been re-issued with extra material. Whilst digging in his DAT archive (allegedly stored in an airtight military ammo box), James revisited the recordings, encoding them through a Nakamichi CR7e cassette deck, using the customised deck with vari-speed to encode at speeds "felt right at the time." Alongside these CR7e versions, the original mixes have been remastered by Beau Thomas at Ten Eight Seven Mastering, offering a dilated insight into one of electronic music's most endearing releases.