Arek Gulbenkoglu - A Gift Like A Hollow Vessel LP


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Label: Penultimate Press

Melbourne-based artist Arek Gulbenkoglu presents A Gift Like A Hollow Vessel, his second full-length album for Penultimate Press. Following on from the 2017 release Three Days Afterwards, A Gift Like A Hollow Vessel sees a sharper scalpel at play, resulting in a more nuanced release which unfolds a curious journey of suburban psychedelia. Material source from voice and body sounds, recording of non-musical processes, actions and events, breath, tapes of animal sounds slowed and sped up, processed field recordings, electronics, percussion, tape delay, samples of old Folkways records, and Esperanto text-to-voice translations. A Gift Like A Hollow Vessel is striking and intimate musique concréte, a work of confounding beauty created by one of the most unique voices operating in the orbit of psychedelic music as it appears today.