Arman Ratip - The Spy From Istanbul LP


Sold Out

Label: Mad About

Mad About Records present the first official worldwide reissue of Arman Ratip's The Spy From Istanbul, originally released in 1973. A killer Lansdowne Series UK jazz LP featuring Soft Machine sidemen from '73. This is one of Top 10 British jazz, and it's indeed superb. Also, it's supposedly the soundtrack to a book Ratip was going to pen. Arman Ratip began his piano lessons with his mother Jale DerviĊŸ at the age of five. He began composing at the age of seven and was a child prodigy. Later his musical career took off in London when he recorded two albums for EMI. After concerts in London, Vienna, Salzburg, Bucharest, Ankara International Music Festival, Istanbul, Marlborough International Music Festival, Bursa, Berlin, Islamabad, The North Cyprus International Music Festival, music critics hailed him as a brilliant virtuoso pianist-composer. He is among the top leading pianist-composers of avant-garde, improvisational music and a jazz pianist of avant-garde jazz and Turkish jazz.