Armour Group - Purge LP


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Label: Trait

Our Review:

Taking their name from track by Genocide Organ, Armour Group is a potent, industrial-noise proposition with its roots harkening to the Tesco Organisation aesthetic for an overload of bad vibes through brooding, bleached electronics. The Group is based out of Melbourne, Australia and is comprised of Harriet Morgan (aka Military Position) and Luke Holland (who runs Trapdoor Tapes). Their solo projects rank as very impressive entries in the grizzled history of power electronics and death industrial, with their collaboration being no exception.

The sexual politics of Armour Group make them unique, as the vocal duties are traded off between both partners even as the content as with most power electronics is shrouded in form-destruction noise, distortion and various effects. In this alternation between the male and the female perspectives on the mirrored violence within society, their ferocious co-habition presents itself as a unified front, standing against the agents of subjugation, betrayal and unrest.

Purge is the band's first major work, encapsulating these ideas within a sonic bombshell of hammered electronic rhythm, dead-line tones and barked vocalization. Their Australian origins are also heard in the hyper obscure VHS only horror references, positing themselves as snippets of salacious evidence from a troubling crime of passion. The blasted nihilism of this monumental album finds parallels with early Whitehouse, Atrax Morgue, Anenzephalia and Intrinsic Action.

Limited to 250 copies.