Bebo Baldan - Vapor Frames 86/91 LP


Sold Out

Label: Soave

Soave present a reissue of Bebo Baldan's Vapor Frames 86/91, originally released in 1991. The alchemist Bebo Baldan, accompanied by Steve James on violin and sarod (as well as on instruments of various geographical extractions) mixes, in a personal way, sounds from a bevy of different cultures – from Mediterranean and Indian, to South American – with synths, samples, and loops. The result is a boundless music that carries you, riding soft waves and bobbing between Balearic ambient, jazz, and electronic, on islands that have been quietly, yet carefully cultivated; peaceful, fascinating, and reflective – places where time appears to dissolve. Vapor Frames 86/91 was originally released for Venetian Divergo – a non-profit label, which after the Baldan album, also released The Wind Collectorby Gigi Masin and Alessandro Monti a few months later (1991). This reissue includes two added bonus tracks from the same sessions, both at the end of each side. The result is a stunning auditory atmosphere that relaxes the spirit in the same vein as a reiki treatment.