Ben Frost - The Wasp Factory LP


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Label: Bedroom Community

Bedroom Community present the definitive recorded version of Ben Frost's 2013 opera and directorial stage debut, The Wasp Factory, based on the novel by the late Iain Banks. Setting his unwitting characters against the backdrop of vast, implacable forces of nature - storm, sea, fire, and even their own madness - Frost reaches deep into his formidable arsenal to reveal an unexpected warmth, from the composer of electronic experiments like Aurora (2014) and Theory Of Machines (2006). The focus here is on the live sound of the Reykjavik Sinfonia, recorded in Abbey Road's Studio II and, for the first time, the human voice. He sets David Pountney's libretto to tuneful, even soulful vocal lines; an extraordinarily unreliable narrator describing scenes of extreme violence and horror in music of incongruous loveliness. Limited edition transparent vinyl comes in an edition of 1000.