Bing & Ruth - No Home Of The Mind LP


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Label: 4AD

Our Review:

On their debut album for 4AD, Bing And Ruth build on the teeming, crepuscular minimalism of their last outing, honing a sound both dense and weightless, hanging as if suspended in an elegant, endless freefall. A seven-piece group for the 2014 breakout Tomorrow Was The Golden Age, here David Moore's ensemble top out at five: two basses, clarinet, piano, and tape delay operation.

Prodigiously rehearsed and then recorded in just two days, No Home Of The Mind's ten tracks unfurl as one seamless suite, their titles – "The How Of It Sped," "Form Takes," "To All It" – equal parts Aram Saroyan and Wire. The strongly filmic element of Bing and Ruth's music here makes itself strongly felt, conjuring Terence Malick's sun-dappled late afternoons, Amanda Arnold's poignant quotidian melodramas, and Guy Maddin's wordless explorations of memory. No Home Of The Mind is Bing And Ruth's best album yet, its shimmering, languid expanses providing something like the very refuge its title announces missing.