Bohren & Der Club Of Gore - Black Earth 2xLP


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Label: PIAS

Our Review:

Black Earth is the dark as night new album from Borhen & Der Club Of Gore. Central to Bohren is the concept of "quiet heaviness," using their self-described "horror jazz" instrumentation of subtly-brushed drums, down-tuned double bass, sparse piano, Fender Rhodes, mellotron and melancholic saxophone to create an atmosphere of heaviness "which is otherwise only achieved using distorted guitars and lots of noise."

Strange as it may seem, black metal is their main influence. Yet Bohren's music is far from loud and fast. Metallic or not, it's certainly doom. Creeping, plodding, yet sleepily melodic. Each note played on the piano, each hit of the snare carries great weight and beauty. Their music falls like thick drops of liquid into a still black pool, rippling the surface with unknown echoes. Foreboding and entrancing. Certainly, more than deserving of this album's black on black artwork. The sultry, smoky saxophone introduced on their previous album Sunset Mission is still in evidence, though not so much as before. When it's present, it only adds to the noir-ish vibe. And compared to the previous Sunset Mission, Black Earth extends Bohren's methods to further extremes: slower, moodier, dronier, lovelier: "heavier". Quite quietly heavy, indeed.