Brainbombs - Inferno LP


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Label: Skrammel

Our Review:

Eight brand new Brainbombs songs recorded in the end of 2016.

Those of you familiar with the brutal musical world of Brainbombs will know exactly what we're going on about. The rest of you, be very very careful. They traffic in a sludgy,  garage-rock scuzz stomp with repeated riffs, simple pounding drums and leering psychedelic dirges underpinning tales of murder and mayhem, murder and rape, death and dismemberment. All delivered in a sort of fey, heavily accented English. The lyrics are misogynistic, misanthropic and just plain messed up. The sound is like Melvins meets Whitehouse filtered through the fuzzy garage stomp of the Stooges but with a maniacally repetitive looped quality, that cranks up the tension, while the vocalist slowly unravels and gets meaner and meaner, more and more insane. And let's not forget the occasional warbly warped trumpet. What can we say? We love Brainbombs.