Brian Eno / Holger Czukay / J. Peter Schwalm - Sushi. Roti. Reibekuchen 2xLP


Sold Out

Label: Groenland

Groenland Records are proud to announce that they will be releasing a document of a unique – if until now little-known – performance given by Brian Eno, Holger Czukay and J. Peter Schwalm, in which they were accompanied by Raoul Walton and Jern Atai, members of Schwalm’s group, Slop Shop.

Billed as a “High-Altitude-Food-Performance with Incidental Music by Slop Shop and Brian Eno”, with Can co-founder Czukay’s appearance kept under wraps in advance, it was recorded on August 27, 1998 outside the Kunst-und Ausstellungshalle der Bundesrepublik Deutschland – the Art and Exhibition Hall of the Federal Republic of Germany – in Bonn, Germany, at the opening party for an exhibition of Eno’s Future Light-Lounge Proposal multimedia installation.

The album takes its title from the event’s unlikely name: SUSHI! ROTI! REIBEKUCHEN!