Brian Eno - Music For Films LP


Sold Out

Label: Astralwerks

Our Review:

1976's Music For Films compiles various fragments of recorded material, some of which Briann Eno made specifically for films and others that were not created as soundtracks per se, but eventually found their way into films. Forty years later, filmmakers still mine this album for material, and Music For Films still holds together rather well. You can hear a lot of similar ideas for what would go into Another Green World and Before And After Science, which makes one wonder how much of these recordings came from those sessions. In fact, "M386" is a dead ringer for a half-speed dub mix of "No One Receiving," the opening track on Before And After Science. While not immediately rock in nature – the songs lack any verse/chorus/verse structure and seem to be devoid of any beginning, middle or end – Music For Films is not all texture either, like many of Eno's other ambient works. With a cast of heavy hitting musicians that includes many from Another Green World – such as Phil Collins, Fred Frith, Dave Mattacks, John Cale and Robert Fripp – this is without doubt a must-have record.