Brian Eno - Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy) LP


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Label: Astralwerks

Our Review:

Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy) is a loose concept album with topics ranging from espionage to the Chinese Communist revolution. One of Brian Eno's best songs kicks off Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy) - the lovely "Burning Airlines Gives You So Much More", with a gorgeous post-Beatles melody and snaky harmonized guitar (an Eno trademark, often played by Robert Fripp on these releases). From there on out, the album expands upon the ideas that began with Here Come The Warm Jets. Slightly more introspective. It's also less sneering. Of course, Bauhaus resonated with Eno's idea of absurdist / glam / experimental pop, later covering this album's sixth song "Third Uncle." Really, this often sounds like Chairs Missing era Wire in spots, and we all know that's a good thing!