Browning Mummery - Obiter Scripta LP


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Label: Tesco Archaic Documents

Our Review:

One of the more obscure projects to come from the Australian noise / post-punk underground, Browning Mummery is the work of Brisbane's Andrew Lonsdale, who still appears to be operating under this moniker in this day and age. His bleak sound-designs from anxious electronics and nightmarish atmospheres still seem to be at the core of his work, and interest in his work certainly sparked around the archives that Vinyl On Demand uncovered for their Magnetophonics - Australian Underground Music 1978-1984 7LP boxset. But his 1984 production Obiter Scripta stands as his strongest body of work. A monstrous chunk of industrial torpor underpinned with environmental tactility and appropriations of monastic chant, Lonsdale's harrowing recordings looked toward the death obsessed program that came through Cold Meat Industries nearly a decade later thanks to Brighter Death Now and Raison D'Etre. Tense rattling of synth-born arpeggiation and the slow-motion rhythmic crawl reflected the panzer electronic strategies of SPK and Maurizio Bianchi, yet there's no real preparation for the violent scream-against-the-sky vocals that are howled on "Disintegration Of Personality." While the album has been reissued a few times since the original release, this edition marks the first pressing on vinyl. Limited to 250 copies.