Bruce Haack - Electric Lucifer LP


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Label: Telephone Explosion

Our Review:

Can you imagine if "Music To Moog By" maestro Gershon Kingsley had dropped acid, joined a commune, got religion, and jammed with the Silver Apples. That might approximate what the unique, wondrous psych-pop "Mooglove" of 1969's The Electric Lucifer sounds like! Well it's about as psychedelic as you can get, a concept album that's futuristic and Biblically ancient at the same time. Haack used an electronic "computer voice" (long before it was cliche) that he named FARAD, as well as regular human vocals, to convey deep Age of Aquarius astrological/philosophical concepts, sometimes in the form of sinister liturgies, at others like playful rhyming lullabies. These Moog-y, moody and groovy compositions feature churchy organ sounds, bleeps and bloops, and rhythmic percolations that wouldn't sound out of place in the Star Wars cantina. There's lugubrious droney passages, mechanical beats, switched-on classical flourishes and musique concrete style sound collage. Very weird yet oh-so-catchy. Highest recommendation. Listen to the love angel, people!