Caroline K - Don't Believe It's Over 12"


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Label: Mannequin

Mannequin Records is elated to present a rare lost demo tape recording of Caroline K – real name Caroline Kaye Walters – founding member of Nocturnal Emissions. Presented in four different versions – "Original," "Dub," "Instrumental," and "Edit" – "Don't Believe It's Over" was recorded in 1983 at Caroline's home studio in Brixton. With Beverley Ireland – a mysterious friend – on the vocals, Caroline used a full weapon gear made of Sequential Circuit Six Tracks and Drumtracks, Roland SH-101, Roland Tr-808, Powertran Vocoder, EMS Synthi, some Casio, all recorded on a Fostex 8 tracks reel-to-reel. Features an Alessandro Adriani re-edit.