Catherine Christer Hennix - Solo for Tamburium 2xLP


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Label: Blank Forms

Solo for Tamburium is legendary minimalist composer Catherine Christer Hennix's first solo recording in nearly 50 years, since her vaunted 1976 record The Electric Harpsichord. Using a keyboard-controlled suite of eighty-eight electronic tambura, Hennix creates a sweeping and exacting drone that thrusts the listener into what the composer calls divine equilibrium, a state of spiritual contemplation. Hennix was part of the downtown music school in New York, has worked extensively with some of its key figures, including Henry Flynt and La Monte Young, and studied closely with Pandit Pran Nath. This new major work applies the principles she developed in this important moment to a maze-like sonic landscape that will apply to fans of '70s minimalism and contemporary electronic music alike.