Clock DVA - Horology 2: The Future & Radiophonic DVAtions 5xLP


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Label: Vinyl On Demand

This five-LP box release pre-dates Horology 1 and is a companion collection of experimental recordings made in late 1977/1978 period by Adi Newton prior to and during the formative period of development of Clock DVA. The box includes the original The Future recordings made by the trio of Adi Newton, Martyn Ware, and Ian Craig Marsh before The Future developed into The Human League and Clock DVA. The Future pioneered a totally electronic synthesized sound that later became synth pop that dominated the 1980s music scene. The remaining four LPs are entitled Radiophonic DVAtions 1, 2, 3, and 4, a title devised to encompass and convey the nature of the recordings which are experimental analog tape and synthesis works inspired by early acousmatics, radiophonics, pyschotronics, and avant-garde electronics. These recordings, which are the earliest research and development of Adi Newtons work, represent the pioneering experimental recordings made at the outset of what became the industrial and electronic music wave that emerged in the late 1970s which was inspired by numerous subversive elements such as psychotronics, occult culture, and radical art movements and theories. The four Radiophonic DVAtions recordings have never been available prior to this unique and important release.