Cortex - Troupeau Bleu LP


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Label: Trad Vibe

Troupeau Bleu is the 1st and most famous album which had been recorded by the French Jazz-Funk band legend, Cortex. The obscure French jazz group that's been a favorite of funky collectors for years! In 1974, Alain Mion, Alain Gandolfi & Jeff Huttner formed the mythical band, Cortex, who then recorded several LPs, including the legendary Troupeau Bleu. Troupeau Bleu, recorded in 2 days in July 1975, is a real musical U.F.O, an unclassifiable record, a mixing of thousand flavours, the kind of records you will discover listening after listening. The result is a stunning electric groove with a feeling that's really fresh, nice and warm, and funky in all the right parts! Sampled by best producers in the world like Rick Ross, Madlib, DJ Day, DJ Cam.