Cremation Lily - The Processes And Instruments Of Normal People LP


Sold Out

Label: Alter

Edition of 250.

Originally released as a double cassette on his Strange Rules label in 2017, The Processes And Instruments Of Normal People forms a trilogy of albums in the CL canon that were influenced by the life and atmospheres within British coastal towns. Composed using a rudimentary set-up of synth, drum machine, and two modified Walkmans, CL draws upon a broad range of influences from the underground electronic music spectrum. Noise, tape music and ambient techno are referenced and align in a cohesive collection of tracks, flowing fluidly in sequence. Melancholic synth pads and deep kick drums intersect with crude field recordings and occasional bursts of feedback, evoking an uncertain claustrophobia. More like being pulled under than carried above. Features additional piano and violin by Theodore Cale Schafer, new mastering by John Hannon.