David Lynch & Alan R. Splet - Eraserhead OST LP+7"+Book


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Label: Sacred Bones

Our Review:

Here's the soundtrack to David Lynch's infamous, career defining early cult film Eraserhead. It's a work so claustrophobic, nightmarish, perverse, anxiety ridden, bleak and black humor heavy that it continues to this day to be unsurpassed in many strange and wonderful ways. Many movie soundtrack are just glorified rock compilations. Not this one! In Eraserhead, Lynch began working with sound designer Alan Splet, who followed Lynch throughout his career, with both fully aware that sound, noise and silence were an intrinsic part to constructing the film. Filled with intrusive industrial scrapes and discomfiting drones, the soundtrack to Eraserhead unquestionably plays an integral role in brewing up the unsettling atmospheres that Lynch navigates with an unchartered dream logic. Unfriendly cold sweat ambiance, prickly electrical charges, choked guttural gurgles, distant echoes of carnival organ melodies and dialogue snippets lurch in and out of focus. And of course the out of the grey dankness emerges the Lady in the Radiator's "In Heaven (Everything Is Fine)," as sung by Lynch himself with his peculiar, signature falsetto. Long been a cult classic soundtrack, not just a cult classic film, for a reason. The 7" features tune "Pete's Boogie" (written by Lynch and Peter Ivers) which was unreleased up until the Sacred Bones reissue.