Dick Higgins - Poems And Metapoems LP


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Label: Recital

Recital present a reissue of Dick Higgins's Poems And Metapoems, originally released on cassette by New Wilderness Audiographics in 1982. Label head Sean McCann on the reissue: "Since the beginning of Recital, I have been trying to publish the work of Dick Higgins. He is a chief figure in my artistic world, a hero of mine. And now, with the assistance of Charlie Morrow, it has finally happened. The first vinyl album ever published of Higgins! Many know Dick Higgins as the father of intermedia, a key player in the birth of fluxus, and the owner/operator of the fabulous Something Else Press. His own poetry is what stirred me. Namely, his book Foew & Ombwhnw (1969), which contains one of my favorite of his works, 'Moments in the Lives of Great Women,' along with other lovely poems (some included on this LP). This recording is of Dick himself reading his own poetry. Poems And Metapoems begins with a voice/tape manipulation piece from 1962, while the rest of the collection employs only language manipulation. Alike a cantor, each word is delivered perfectly with strong warmth. His ability to relay pattern-based poems into sonics is impressive. This album was recorded in 1982, and contains the reading of poems written between 1958-1980. Originally published as a cassette tape by New Wilderness Audiographics, which is nearly impossible to find now. The audio has been remastered and cleaned up for this edition. Dick lived large and was a busybody. All the faucets were running within him, handles broken off. Always pulling to mesh painfulness with playfulness, heart-warmth with heartbreak, comedy with tragedy etc. It is this plurality that Higgins encourages us to spark and flourish." Includes a 16-page pamphlet of notes and poetry by Higgins and an essay on both Higgins and New Wilderness Audiographics by Charlie Morrow.