Drinks - Hermits On Holiday LP


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Label: Birth

Our Review:

Drinks sports the angular songwriting one-two punch of Tim Presley (aka White Fence) and the beguiling Welsh chanteuse Cate Le Bon. The result of their collaboration is sheer post-punk perfection. Taking turns on vocals, the interplay between Tim and Cate through these minimal and infectious songs works so well. There is not a wasted note or wasted second on this record. Think of the best parts of Young Marble Giants and Deerhoof coming together, and you might start to get a sense of the vibrant sounds that Drinks create. Art-damaged, punchy and stripped down sounds that ring with an immediacy that is so damn refreshing. Hermits On Holiday also recalls a long and super underrated record that was the only recording by a band named Klang who featured an ex-member of Elastica. If you ever heard that record, No Sound Is Heard, you know the greatness it contained and we were so stoked to finally hear a brand new record that taps into that same sound, and likewise channels early Rough Trade output in all its brilliant post-punk glory. Recommended!