Ebo Taylor And The Pelikans - s/t LP


Label: Comet

A Ghanaian funk LP from the afrofunk master. one of Ebo Taylor's rarest and most sought-after! Ebo Taylor and The Pelikans is being reissued on vinyl by Comet Records, pressed on high quality vinyl, with label designs and artwork as per the original release.

Originally released by Ghanian Abookyi label in 1976, Ebo Taylor and The Pelikans is one of Taylor's most elusive releases, and marked the first time he sang on the seminal Ghana Funk anthem "Come Along." The album saw the legendary musician, producer, composer and arranger joining forces with 12-piece Cape Coast Ghanian band The Pelikans led by Bessa Simmona with rhythm guitarist Fifi Orleans Lindsay.

Put simply, there has never been a musician and artist quite like Ebo Taylor. As an artist, arranger, musician and producer he's a combination of James Brown, Nile Rodgers and Quincy Jones. He not only created some of the greatest funk songs ever recorded but as much if not more than that, his genius as an arranger gave the signature sound to high life and Afrobeat that was made famous by his one-time London roommate (from when they were both music students, in The early 1960s) Fela. And his funky guitar brought a percussive sound to the rhythm section that didn't exist before.