Elektro Guzzi - Clones 2x12"


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Label: Macro Recordings

Elektro Guzzi, holding their position as the leading "real" techno live band, present Clones. Literally all the Granny Smith apple trees grown today, from Uruguay to Hokaido, are clones from Mrs. Smith's original tree in Sydney. Bananas, oranges, watermelons, garlic and other fruits of daily delight are routinely replicated without any input of external ideas – i.e., they are cloned. There is no general ethical or aesthetic decision to be formed about clones, since you have already imbibed them ever since your first bite. Thus, you are not in a neutral or otherwise preliminary position, but already involved, knee-deep. It may not be a coincidence that the first mammals, warm-blooded egg-layers and small marsupials, date almost exactly to the period of the first flowers, evolving some 125 million years ago. Quick-thinking, vegetable eating mammals provide a most striking example of cooperation in evolution, as their interest in plant foods led them to become well-fed. A bond has been formed. Seedless plants, like banana and oranges, have made a most remarkable dispersal strategy: season after season, human growers clone them. The plants are perpetuated because they taste so good. And that's about it. Much has been said about Elektro Guzzi's aptitude in transcending their instrumental sources towards techno of unlikely beauty, pristine consistency and razor-sharp definition. It tastes good, and thus they have decided to clone themselves. Elektro Guzzi plow through their own fertile ground of ideas and sprout structures, textures and gestures into a dizzying array of new offerings. Yet the tunnel vision of the singular point of origin of all tracks makes it smack even more, because there's never too much of a great thing.