Elodie - Enteha LP


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Label: A Colourful Storm

A Colourful Storm presents Enteha, the latest piece by Elodie, the duo of Andrew Chalk and Timo van Luijk. Chalk and van Luijk embody a free-spirited approach to music making whose improvisational process can be traced to a distinct period of Europe's post-industrial landscape. More than two decades of ambitious solo and collaborative work would solidify both Chalk and van Luijk as masterful craftsmen exploring the tension between composition and free improvisation: their individual lists of collaborators boasts Christoph Heemann, Giancarlo Toniutti, David Jackman, and Colin Potter, to name but a few.

A figment of two imaginations, Elodie appeared in 2011 almost fully formed with each record patiently revealing glimpses into a world concerned with time dilation, the phantasmagoric and spirits of the everyday. Enteha is one of the duo's more melancholic pieces and can be seen as a human response to seasonal transition. It's one of their uniquely longform explorations of mood and atmosphere as an air of romance drifts deftly into mystery and despair. The delicate hues of autumnal haze. The deceptive optimism of morning light. A work of supremely understated beauty that will appeal to anyone who finds solace in Harmonia, GAS, Joanna Brouk, Roberto Musci, and Zoviet France.