Factory Floor - 25 25 2xLP


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Label: DFA

Our Review:

Factory Floor have been operating in the liminal space between sweaty techno propulsion and jagged post-punk energy for close to a decade now. But there's bound to be more attention paid to this album given the brilliant collaboration that FF's Nik Void produced with Chris & Cosey in 2015. Just as that Carter Tutti Void album affixed deconstructions of electronic pop to a wallop of synthesized kick drum, 25 25 hinges upon the spry programmed rhythms and a reductionist economy of style. The grid-propulsion for Factory Floor's tracks have vacated the almost all of the aspects of the song. No chorus, bridge or verse to obstruct the austere, mechanized thrust of sequenced basslines and acid squelchiness, punctuated by dub inflected decay of Void's sampled voice that has been stretched and treated into mere fragments of speech and utterance. The over-all effect is a compulsive sensuality, coaxed from this combination of reduced electronics, rhythm and voice. The interweave of Gabriel Gurnsey's live drum kit is a common augmentation found throughout the DFA productions, harkening back to those fantastically hedonistic singles the label released at its infancy by LCD Soundsystem, The Juan Maclean and The Rapture.