Fennesz - Endless Summer 2xLP


Label: Editions Mego

Our Review:

Endless Summer is the classic piece of abstracted electronica from Christian Fennesz, first released in 2001. It's an album that received considerable acclaim at the time, though little could be known of how influential the album would become and how much of an impact it would have on the realms of the avant-garde and electronic music at large.

Fennesz has always produced what we had imagined should be the salvation for experimental electronica - an ever vigilant, but necessarily shifting search for balance. As Fennesz does incorporate the guitar quite a bit into his creative process, there is a finely tuned balance between rock and electronica archetypes. However, his egalitarian views of intention and execution, dissonance and melody, metaphor and metonym, structure and arrhythmia, analog and digital, warm and cool are exactly what electronica needs.

Fennesz' third album - the aptly titled Endless Summer - picks up where his breakthrough EP of Rolling Stones / Beach Boys covers left off with a digital dispersion of "fun in the sun" rock mythologies. While there are no obviously discernible pop culture references, Fennesz builds a sound that really is quite summery from odd duets between disintegrating acoustic guitar strums and the coalescence of digital errata. Thus, this album has the feeling of the classic Beach Boys sound, but very little of that structure. These are NOT Beach Boys covers, but if he said they were, we'd have no basis to call him a liar. Regardless, Fennesz's Endless Summer is a stunning record.