Force Dimension - Feel The Tension LP


Sold Out

Label: Optimo Music Archiv

This was Belgium. 1989. First wave EBM duo, but also so much more. Optimo Music Archiv is a new offshoot label for revisiting music JD Twitch has been a big fan of for a very long time. This first release takes five Force Dimension favorites and reconfigures them as an extended EP/mini album. The songs are untouched but have been remastered for 21st century ears. "Tension" comes in two versions, one from each version of their debut album. Oddly they put out an original version "(Blue)," they decided they didn't like it and re-recorded it. Both versions of "Tension" rule. "200 FA" is an end of the night anthem. A perfect piece of E Music that crossed over into the early '90s rave era and still much sought-after to this day. "Aqua 2000" and "All Systems Out" are too Belgian bombs that still slay dancefloors today.