Forests - Idol Collapse LP


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Label: Left Hand Path

Certain feelings, visions, and sounds recur to us as if in dreams. Flashes of recall, hints of remembrance, suggestions of what could have been, or what may yet still be. A spark — a glimpse — a glimmer. We gaze into the abyss, fearless; the abyss gazes back, familiar. Cognition — recursion — immanence.

Left Hand Path presents the second full-length LP, [Idol Collapse], from Forests. Written by Jon Du, Kuo-Hung Tseng, and Zun Long in Taipei, Taiwan. Eight songs in 36 minutes that unfurl like a flower and expand like a mushroom cloud, designed for utter osmosis and total absorption. The helix twists; the loop is closed. The cycle begins anew.

Mastered by Mark Pistel at Room 5 Studios, San Francisco, California. Produced in a deluxe gatefold vinyl edition with artwork by Wang Yu and design, layout by Nathan Rickard and Allen Chiu.