Frank McDonald & Chris Rae - Mean & Dirty LP


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Label: De Wolfe

Originally released in 1978, the title Mean And Dirty describes this album to a T. Let this record play with any '70s cop drama, spy-thriller, or blaxploitation film and it will act flawlessly as the soundtrack. Dramatic funk rock dominates this album ("Moving Target," "Flying Squad," "Arrival Time"), but room is left open for the mellower pieces ("Slow Fuse," "Blue Mood," "Night Moves"), the super-fast ("Dragster"), and the surprisingly jaunty ("On Yer Bike," "Guv"). Founded in 1909, de Wolfe Music's legendary production music catalog has gained cult status among vinyl collectors and crate diggers worldwide. Featuring music from a roster of composers including Reg Tilsley, Roger Webb and duo Frank McDonald & Chris Rae, it also includes performances from iconic musicians such as Jimmy Page and Herbie Flowers. De Wolfe Music has provided the soundtrack to countless feature films including Monty Python and The Holy Grail, The Witchfinder General, Dawn Of The Dead, and more than twenty of the Shaw Brothers' kung fu classics. Major recording artists who've sampled the collection in recent years include Beyonce, Drake, Jay Z, Lily Allen, Gorillaz, K. Michelle, Jay Electronica, Cam'ron and Ja Rule, to name just a few."