G.C. Cameron - Live For Love 12"


Label: Soundway

Hailing from Mall Creek, Mississippi, G.C. Cameron rose to fame at 22 years of age, when he joined Motown Records to become lead singer of The Spinners. After a string of well received releases, including chartbuster "It's A Shame," co-written and produced by Stevie Wonder, Cameron left The Spinners to pursue a solo career.

It was a trip to Fantasy Studios, San Francisco in 1977, where Cameron teamed up with Harvey Faqua, Greg Crockett and Elgie Stover to realise what is arguably his finest work. A full album was recorded, but only two tracks saw the light of day via the short-lived UK label, Flamingo.

Soundway's Live for Love release comprises the two in-demand cuts previously released on Flamingo - the deep and dubby disco-workout "If I Love You (Instrumental)" and soul drenched ballad "Live For Love," coupled with two unreleased recordings rescued from the abyss after 45 years of collecting dust. The modern-soul-dancer "Thank You Baby," backed by Jeanie Tracy and Martha Walsh, is a jewel that displays Cameron's full range whilst the vocal to "If I Love You" elevates the recording to dance-floor-ready.