Gossiwor - Domestic Saga 12"


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Label: 5 Gate Temple

Blow wind, blow ... one-take nautical folk anthems / underwater futures produced by John T. Gast and MC Boli, marrying minimalist, quasi-ceremonial orchestrations and massed pipes of un-peace to spacy Berlin-School electronics and plate-shifting, ship-sinking UK soundsystem pressure. 35 minutes of music. On "Domestic Saga (All Is Lost)," wistful reeds extemporise against white tides of high-lonesome synth drift, sonar bleeps and sparsest percussions tumbling through 20,000 leagues of reverb ... drowned-world echoes of John Surman's kosmic Cornwall, Anna Själv Tredje's epic alpine ego-dissolve, even Namlook/Hawtin's horizontal techno meditations, all rendered ultra-uncanny by JTG soundboy mischiefs x the conservatoire poise/formality of Boli Group. "Ava Maria' comes at you like an army of pissed-off, undead sailors through the fog – slow but tooled-up and sure of purpose, 100% bad news for you and anyone else unfortunate enough to be holidaying in this til-now quiet and idyllic fishing village with no internet or mobile reception. Properly heavy, heady material: bellows-blown thickening the air around you, pressing on your temples, eventually threatening the full Kananga. But "Thank You Lord" – with its centrifugal, quintessentially Gast flute-loop (or harmonium or melodica or whatever it is) locating the pagan-folk energies in grime and vice versa – effortlessly steals the show. Propelled by torpedoing sub-bass and bombastic martial string/brass vamps fit for the court of Neptune (release the motherf**g kraken!), draped with silken weather-storm keys and a surreal voiceover that sounds like a rogue Danish naval officer narrating his own mental collapse, it's just ... woii. Unlike anything else out there and too, too good. The kind of all-at-sea strangeness that can't be assimilated, and therefore must assimilate you.