Harmonia - Deluxe LP


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Label: Groenland

Our Review:

Newly reissued on vinyl: Harmonia's 2nd album, from 1975, Deluxe. Although we loved Harmonia's first album, Musik Von Harmonia, Deluxe is, dare we say, even better!! Made up of Michael Rother from Neu! and Moebius and Roedelius from Cluster, on Deluxe they are joined on a few songs by Mani Neumeier from Guru Guru, making the line up on this record a kosmiche supergroup of epic proportions! While the first record was tipped in its balance towards the Cluster side of things in terms of sound and the improvised process in which it was made, Deluxe has more of a Neu! feel as the tracks are more composed and song oriented, and for the first time contain vocal elements. Plus the motorik grooves are more rocking, with a real drum kit used more often than the drum machines creating a pulsating drive on par with Neu! 75, recorded that same year. But that's not to say Deluxe doesn't have its Cluster moments, as the two final tracks bring us down into some beautiful pastoral territory with the sounds of a stream with ducks and frogs near the Cluster studio in Forst can be heard amongst the warm and percolating analog synths. An essential.