Henning Christiansen - Den Rode Skov LP


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Label: Penultimate Press

Second in a series of two previously unreleased soundtracks Henning Christiansen made for the films made by his partner and collaborator Ursula Reuter Christiansen. Den Rode Skov ("The Red Forest") was Ursula's second film made in 1986. In stark contrast to the exquisite romantic melancolia of their first collaboration, The Executioner, Den Rode Skov resides as one of the wildest recordings in the entire Christiansen catalog. Aligned more with works like the legendary collaboration with Nam June Paik and Joseph Beuys, Abschiedssymphonie (1988), Den Rode Skov unfolds as a delirious and demonic audio exhibit, at once deeply eccentric and utterly enthralling. Featuring the exceptional sound work of Ernst Kretzer and contributions from Ursula Reuter Christiansen, Addamaria Reuter Christiansen, Bjornstjerne Reuter Christiansen, Carla Tato, and Werner Durand this is a rich tapestry of sounds, voice, and obtuse atmospheres drifting from the deeply meditative to the outright hysterical. Remastered by Giuseppe Ielasi from the original master tapes sourced from the Henning Christiansen Archive. Comes in a full-color gatefold sleeve incorporating a full-sized eight-page booklet with a selection of striking images from the original film. Red vinyl. Edition of 500.