Henning Christiansen - Requiem Of Art Fluxorum Organum II Opus 50 LP


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Label: Penultimate Press

Requiem Of Art Fluxorum Organum II Opus 50 was first issued in 1973 by Edition Schellmann alongside Schottische Symphonie with Joseph Beuys. This is the authoritative version of one of the greatest works by the late Henning Christiansen (1932-2008), Danish composer and Fluxus artist, presented with the full cooperation with the Henning Christiansen estate. 180-gram LP in spot-varnished sleeve with a four-page high-gloss booklet containing the complete score. Edition of 700.

"In the summer of 1969 we made a collective film The Search on the heath in Jutland, Denmark. Henning Christiansen made on site field recordings for the individual scenes with Peter Sakse as sound master. The music was first time used during the performance at the festival Strategy: Gets Art exhibition organised by Richard Demarco at Edinburgh College of Art, on August 21, 1970 with Joseph Beuys and Henning Christiansen. Henning Christiansen sampled the field recording into the organ music from Eurasienstab. He gave this composition subsequently the title Requiem Of Art Fluxorum Organum II Opus 50. That means a requiem over the role of art in the 1960s." – Ursula Reuter Christiansen