Herman Chin Loy - Musicism Dub 2xLP


Sold Out

Label: Pressure Sounds

Kingston in the early 70s was on fire with new music, and Herman Chin Loy put on the afterburners to release Aquarius Dub, probably the worlds first dub LP.

"People always used to come to the store and they want to buy the dub music, but they couldnt get it easily, so I said let me put all these things together as an LP, and lets put no label on it so it looks like a dub [plate], and lets sell it as a dub album." This reissue is of two extremely rare LPs that came out on Musicism in 1983, a couple of years after dub had declined in popularity as an album form in Jamaica. They were released in the generic 12-inch sleeves of the American label TK Disco, which had recently ceased trading, picked up on Hermans travels to Miami. The labels were either blank or stamped with the wrong song titles from a similarly obscure vocal compilation. A handful of copies were exported to London and the U.S., and the remainder were sold exclusively by Hermans Aquarius shop.