History of Unheard Music - Hear Us Again For Whatever Reason LP


Label: Les Giants

Release Date: April 12th, 2024

Edition of 250. Silkscreened jacket.

The History of Unheard Music hail from lower Manhattan and were founded at the absolute dawn of the 1980s.

The founders, Books Williams, Charlie Mendoza and Beo Morales combined their individual and common interests in music from all periods of all cultures, active analytic listening, state-of-the-art music technology and low tech devices. These interests were applied to highly developed composition and raw free-form improvisation.

Access to the then-nascent computer aided compositional tools of sampling and synthesis, pre-and-post MIDI sequencing and a fearless appetite for sound-as-event, synthesizing historical styles, formats, sonic triggers, and traditions allowed them to strike a nerve in the listener resulting in responses ranging from confusion and bewilderment to appreciation and inspiration and beyond. A neutral response to the music or the live performances was not an option.

We got the blissful pleasure of compiling an unheard selection of some works of that mind-boggling New York band.

All tracks selected from the 84-85 hidden tapes and LPs: History of Unheard Music on Staatplat, Drop It on Harmonic Ranch and Chapter One on Rockgarage Records.

Music that ranges exclusively in the absurd. Art-rock, Grotesque comedian pop, bouncing sounds from post-world influences and electronic proto dance music, pure avant-garde.

We are on an empirical stage, complex sound-theatre scenarios, a mere projection on a thin, labile thread of reality and surrealists. Fringes.

"Here Us Again for Whatever Reason" touches hidden chords in a decomposed and critical message towards a dimensional state of total disorientation against the established order.