Holy Modal Rounders - Indian War Whoop 2xLP


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Label: Don Giovanni

Edition of 1,500 foil numbered copies.

The year 1967 proved to be a strong point of the '60s generation culture and the ever growing New York underground music scene. Steve Weber and Peter Stampfel provided a blithe sendup of musical Americana as they mined this tradition, while introducing outrageous and zany virtuoso turns on acoustic guitar, banjo and violin. Their lyrics and vocals are uniquely their own. Their personalities were profoundly incompatible, like those of Gilbert and Sullivan.

"Some people think this record is unlistenable, while others consider this one of the key documents of the American music underground" - Byron Coley

55th Anniversary edition, a 2 disc collection including the original album remastered and Live in 1965, with the live album on vinyl for the first time ever.