Infinite Spirit Music - Live Without Fear 2xLP


Sold Out

Label: Jazzman

"I recorded Live Without Fear on May 31, 1979 with some of my friends. We drove up into Evanston from Chicago in three cars on a day that smelled good and spoke all day sunshine... to Live Without Fear means to live in material reality with faith... Peace on you!" – Soji Ade, 2018

With a price of well over $1000 on the few occasions the original LP has hit the market, Live Without Fear originally released in 1980, is a beautiful album of humble purity and peaceful spiritual jazz vibes that lives up to the hype. With the blessing of creator Soji Ade and colleague Kahil El Zabar, Jazzman Records are delighted to be able to finally share their music with you, 40 years since it was recorded. As so often with private pressings, few copies were pressed and those that were suffered from little or no distribution. However, with Jazzman's new remaster and with added liner notes from Chicago music archivist Steven Emmerman, their message of love and spiritual unity can now be revealed and appreciated worldwide. Numbered edition of 1,000.