Jack Rose - Raag Manifestos LP


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Label: VHF

Our Review:

Arguably the most dense and deep of Jack Rose's back catalog, Raag Manifestos is just so personal and lovely, dark and mysterious and darn near perfect. Appalachian guitar stretched into droning, dense ragas, steel strings that go from delicate melody to prickly nests of inter-tangled notes and buzzing overtones. Always completely hypnotic even at its most fierce and always intense and compelling, even at its most ethereal. Channeling the ephemeral psychedelic alchemy of the Fahey School, not only musically but also how Fahey through his influential Takoma label often used appropriated personas, text and image in his cover art to frame a surrealist spin of mythic artistry that bridges histories and traditions. Rose sets that trajectory to new heights and towards new unfamiliar directions, and through it all has definitely become one of our favorite guitarists. Record after record he never fails to blow us away.