Jan St. Werner - Molocular Meditation LP


Sold Out

Label: Editions Mego

Molocular Meditation is a bespoke light and sound environment featuring the voice of the Fall's Mark E Smith. Smith is heard making observations on mundane objects, events, and a range of meditation techniques basically associating his discontent with an apolitical British upper class. His voice forms the narrative component of an electroacoustic composition by Jan St. Werner placed in a hyper-real scenario evoking a state of transformation and deceleration. Molocular Meditation premiered at Cornerhouse, Manchester in 2014. This album presents a re-edited and remastered stereo version of the original multi-channel piece. Voice and guitar feedback were recorded at Blueprint Studios Manchester, electronics in Werner's studio in Berlin.

The B-side consists of unreleased new work partly written around the same time as Molocular Meditation in context of Werner's Fiepblatter Catalogue on Thrill Jockey. "Back To Animals" is a non-metric rhythmic exercise frantically hybridizing percussive accents with synthesized pulse. "On The Infinite Of Universe And Worlds" is an electronic opera based on Giordano Bruno's Renaissance writings which Werner was asked to conceptualize for new music festival Music Nova in Finland. "VS Cancelled" finds Mark E. Smith reading an email from Domino Records explaining their discontinuation of the Von Sudenfed project, a band Mark E. Smith had founded with Mouse on Mars' Jan St. Werner and Andi Toma in 2006. Their debut album Tromatic Reflexxions came on Domino out in 2007.