Jim Haynes - Electrical Injuries LP


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Label: Aussenraum

Our Review:

California sound artist Jim Haynes composes through variable degrees of acceleration and accretion, even as his research continues to ruminate on sonic decay. You gotta build something up, before you can tear it down. Electrical Injuries furthers Haynes' actionist tendencies as the density of noise waxes and wanes with a profound sense of urgency and tension. It makes for a powerful suite that amplifies the dynamics of musique concrete techniques through the aggressive volatility of industrial / noise culture. Ice is mentioned as a source material, but that's clearly not the only thing going on here. Given the title, electricity and the mishaps of hot-wiring circuits in proximity to human body (presumably his) allude to something Frankensteinian. One can discern an infernal distortion of radio-signals, the tickings of geiger counters, various motorized pistons firing and eerie pulsations from unknowably alien, electronic beacons. The clatter and grind of Electrical Injuries doesn't really align comfortably with the SPK / TG models of grim electronic sequencing, but there's more of a rhythmic spine than found in many of Haynes' contemporaries (i.e. Kevin Drumm, Francisco Meirino, S.E.T.I.). The opening salvo cycles through a shattering of glass with its correspondent frequencies glowing white hot with a corona of atonal harmonics, and Haynes reprises this compositional paroxysm at various points throughout the album. Sinews of disquieting drone and agitated texture connect these pinnacles of noise for a vibrant if at times hostile album. Highly recommended.