Jim Marks - Touching Your Feelings LP


Label: seriE.WOC

After two years of preparation, we are thrilled to announce the reissue of the most precious hidden gems of Soul Jazz / Spoken Word albums from a key era. Originally released in 1974 as a private pressing of fewer that 100 copies, Touching Your Feelings by Jim Marks is a crucial missing piece of the proto-rap era lying firmly between Gil Scott Heron and Amiri Baraka, with whom he made a strong friendship. Jim Marks' mix of deep, expressive poetry and solid jazz sits on the edge of works by The Last Poets and fellow west coast rhyme smiths, the Watts Prophets. Upon hearing Jim Marks for the first time, it will remind you of those other great strangers of music who suddenly returned to the fore; you will experience the same emotions as when first listening to Terry Callier or Darondo.

Now 83, Jym (with y) has written 8 poetry books and recorded two albums. We found him, where he has always been, behind the windows of his barber shop in Palo Alto, where he worked for 50 years.

Touching Your Feelings will take you on a musical journey of 11 poems written by Jym between 1968 and 1974 that talk about social and political issues, the human condition, our relationship with ourselves and each other, the inner self. In a wide ranging interview, Jym Marks told Tony Higgins about his life, musical inspirations, artistic motivations and much more. This is an opportunity to hear a truly remarkable record that sells for thousands of dollars on the collector circuit, and is unknown even to the most attentive! And yes! Jym entrusted us with the original master tape.