Jimmy Smack - Death Is Certain LP


Label: Knekelhuis

Smack’s complete recorded output is now compiled by Knekelhuis as Death is Certain, a record that shines a new light on Smack’s unique craft. At times sounding suspiciously like a modular synth, Smack’s modified electric bagpipes and relentless rhythm box provide the perfect backdrop for his bleak storytelling like a dystopian drone leading you into a parallel dimension where only one thing’s for sure: death is certain.

Releasing no more than two 7”s (1982’s Death Or Glory and 1983’s Death Rocks) and one 12” (Anguish) during his time, Jimmy Smack was one of the most enigmatic figures on the LA scene of the eighties.

A singular performance artist who donned corpse paint a good decade before Norwegian bands like Mayhem and Emperor turned it into a vital element of early black metal, Smack was a fixture on the LA deathrock/postpunk scene reciting his dark poetry over electric bagpipes and a Dr. Rhythm drum machine, carving his own niche like a Fad Gadget from hell.