Sold Out

Label: DFA

Needle drop and a floaty, child-like piano line sucks you into the post-punk papier-mâché world of JJULIUS, where everyone speaks Swedish, listens to Young Marble Giants and eats nothing but Twizzlers. Vol. 2 is, perhaps obviously, a continuation of the world-building done on Vol. 1, which is a little more raw, a little wilder in spirit and sold out at both source and every record store that managed to get its hand on a copy. It will also re-arrive this summer on DFA this summer with its successor. JJULIUS is the nom de plume of Gotebörg's Julius Pierstorff, who, with his wife Elin Engström aka Loopsel, also records as Monokultur and runs the tiny label Mamma's Mysterious Jukebox. The music they make both together and separately is entirely their own, with its own rules of what instruments come and go; when a song begins and ends or swells into oblivion. And yet! It's also referencing all the records we love and know - Suicide, all the no wave stuff, Faust, Can, Sonic Youth, and even contemporary local peers like Mathaverskan. Buy the ticket, take the trip.