Joanna Newsom - Have One On Me 3xLP


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Label: Drag City

Our Review:

Have One On Me is the magnum opus, triple album from Joanna Newsom, finding her as visionary, intimate and extraordinary as ever! She has earned and deserved the right to require her listeners to luxuriate in her sounds, to have the patience and to focus their full attention on her record while listening. This isn't the sort of record you just casually throw on in a room full of people and quickly make a judgment about, it's a nuanced, dense and meticulously crafted sprawling work that requires a little dedication.

While she will always be known for her extraordinary harp playing, Have One On Me shows her integrating the harp more seamlessly with other instrumentation. There are plenty of piano, moments of sweeping soundscapes and commanding drums; but not to fear, the majestic harp still shines through. While initial reviews keep throwing around Joni Mitchell comparisons, we don't feel that at all; instead we do feel a huge Kate Bush influence at work, much, much more so than any of her previous releases. The way in which the songs are crafted in such an intimate manner, and the surprise moments of a song when an eruption of sound comes when least expected. Being that many of us here are huge Kate Bush admirers, we love seeing someone follow in her footsteps with equal intelligence, sophisticated word play and deep running emotion.